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    My name is Melissa Mackaly. Born and raised in Dallas, TX by the sweetest parents ever. Rebel teenager/reformed adult. Lover of all things baked, battered, iced, sugared, vintage, miniaturized, made in TX/purchased in TX/shaped like TX/or just look like they might have come from TX. Obsessed with the State Fair of Texas and it's mascot, Big Tex. Food writer for Central Track. Estate sale snob, self diagnosed sprinkle hoarder, foodie, roadie, self taught baker/blogger/photographer... and mama to the best 14 year old anyone could ask for.... Whew!

    Now about my site...

    This whole thing started back in December 2010. Just a few months after I lost the sweetest man I ever did know, my dear ol' dad.

    I have been attached to each of my parents hip since birth. Never spent the night away from home, cried if ever left with a babysitter, slept in between my mom and dad until I was in middle school! (No wonder I was their last child.) My dad retired in 2007 and became my most favorite person on speed dial. He shared my love for food and cars... and all things related. He passed away very unexpectedly on August 2, 2010 and changed many peoples lives. He was my number one taste tester... my dad would literally eat anything I put in front of him. The site started as a way for me to share the things I would normally share with him and can't anymore. So basically... you can be my taste testers now!

    Baking and Miniature Mondays are the two categories used for sharing recipes and my obsession with minitaure food! Nick's Pick is the category I use to share other things I think my dad would enjoy... or just to tell a funny story about him... or a sad one... how ever I feel that day!

    In April of 2011 I opened my mobile shop, Sugar Derby Mobile. It's a little space inside of my 1958 Cardinal travel trailer where I sell all kinds of quirky vintage finds. We set up at all kinds of events.... music festivals, outdoor markets, art gallery openings, food truck events... basically anywhere that invites us! 

    You can see the updated Sugar Derby Mobile Calendar HERE. And the transformation of my trailer HERE. Come see us... and say hi!!!

    I have a few other categories on my blog... some have been a bit abandoned.... but that's what happens when people get busy... I'm leaving them up so you can go look at some of the past posts... and maybe one day I'll put something new!!!!