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    My Momma's Old Fashioned Easter Cake

    We are unsure as to where this recipe came from but my mom has made it every year for Easter Sunday... since I can remember.

    I asked her where she got it and she couldn't remember... we're gonna just assume she made it up!....

    She did make up the topping..... so.... yes, it's her original recipe.

    It's so yummy and perfect and Eastery..... and special to my heart... cause my dad absolutely loved it.

    My mom hasn't made it since he passed away... so I thought this year I would carry on the tradition... and share it with you!


    You will need:

    A yellow cake mix, prepare as directed

    1 can eagle brand sweetened condensed milk

    1 container cream of coconut (normally near the cocktail stuff at stores)

    1 container whipped topping


    green food coloring

    jelly beans

    Bake your cake in an 18x9ish pan as directed...

    As soon as you take it out, poke some holes in it with a fork.

    Immediately pour the eagle brand milk on top......

    then the cream of coconut.... do this while the cake is hot.

    The two things will soak in.... yummmmmmmm.

    Cover and refrigerate for about an hour... until it's cool.

    Take the cake out of the refrigerator and top with whipped topping.

    Now for my momma's super special Easter topping......

    put some coconut in a bowl and add green food coloring....

    Super special!!!!!!

    Sprinkle over whipped topping.... and add jelly beans!

    Get it? like grass and Easter eggs!!!! Like and Easter egg hunt!!!!

    It's so yummmm.

    You're gonna love it!


    Happy Easter y'all!

    Enjoy your family!

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