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    Thin Mint & Cream Cheese Stuffed Chocolate Cake

    I mean..... y'all know I'm serious right?

    Like.... I really made this... in my kitchen.... it's a real thing!

    And it's amazing!!!!!

    thin mint. cream cheese. chocolate cake.


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    A Very SugarDerby Valentines

    Once upon a time was a baking blog..... remember that?

    Oh the snarkiness.

    But really.... There are lots of great baking ideas here on SugarDerby!!!! and what better time to explore them than Valentine's Day!

    It's just 19 short days away......

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    Pics from Bishop Arts and DoubleWide Events!

    So back in November, at FunFunFunFest, I decided to start taking pictures of people when they bought great stuff....

    Now... I haven't gotten everyone... and ALL the great stuff... but I've tried!

    December was a busy month.... I had 2 events in Bishop Arts District and 2 events at Double Wide.

    here are the pics......


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    SugarDerbyMobile at DoubleWideBar... tonight and Saturday!!!


    So tonight and Saturday night I will be set up in front of Double Wide Bar... 3510 Commerce St 75226.

    Tonight from 9pm-1am and Saturday from 9pm-2am!!! And Saturday night Dear Holly will be with me... with all of her great jewels!!!!!

    You know you've got that last minute gift to buy.... but you really wanna get a drink.... so do both!

    Shop till you drop drunk y'all!

    Oh... and I have some new things... let me show you my favorites....


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    Happy 2nd Birthday SugarDerby!!! You're The Greatest!!

    My 2 year Blogiversary. Whoa.

    What a crazy year this past one has been.....

    I started Miniature Mondays!!!!

    And started writing for Central Track!!!

    And opened Sugar Derby Mobile!!!!......


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