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    Why yes, I will come in and purchase some items.

    If you read my first Vintage Finds post you will understand that title.

    If not, please read. It is Estate Sales 101.

    So...... this is just an update on what I found in the past couple weekends.

    I was super excited about this sale merely from the cuteness of the house itself! It is in the Bishop Arts District. The windows to the left are stained glass.... adorbs!

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    Dear Texas, What are you?

    Born and raised, Texas proud!

    Actually proud may not be the correct word. More like borderline obsessed.

    Yea, obsessed.

    This little gal right here... me... I will buy anything that says Texas, has the shape of Texas, was made in Texas or even LOOKS like it might have been made in Texas!

    I have Texas coasters.

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    estate sales. Estate Sales. ESTATE SALES!!!!!

    Okie dokie folks. Lots of people ask me where I get the stuff in my house and I reply "omg.. this amazing estate sale!!!!" (insert huge Melissa Mack shiny teeth smile)... and they reply "oh, yea... my mom goes to garage sales all the time." Ummmmm, NO! No. No. No. No. No.
    Estate sale does not equal garage sale. Your mom does not go to estate sales. Your mom goes to some junk sale in her friends front yard. (No offense to your mom's friend... or her front yard.) But, NO! Not the same!
    With that being said, I would like to clear up the difference between an estate sale and a garage sale. I will also give you some helpful tips and show you pictures of some of my favorite purchases.

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    Mini Meringues

    Mini Chocolate Meringue Pies.
    Are. You. Kidding. Me?
    The cutest most delicious things ever.... know what makes them even cuter? Meringue. That's what makes them even cuter. Little tiny crust filled with chocolate delight then topped with fluffy white delight.... and can be eaten in one bite! Perfection.
    Before giving you the recipe and instructions I must tell you a funny/incredibly embarrassing story....
    I love to bake miniatures so a lot of times I will just sit down late at night and google "miniature recipes". It was pie week so of course I was in the mood for some mini pies. I started googling and found mini pumpkin pies, mini cherry pies (both of which I made and were adorable), mini pie charms, etc. but no mini meringue pies.
    I can be the first one!

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    Not a $168 necklace!

    Do. It. Yourself. Duh!!!

    A few weeks back I was trolling through one of my most favorite women's collections. This particular line has clothing, accessories and home designs. The first spot I normally go is jewelry... not because I'm a huge jewelry fan but because this store employs the most amazing jewelry designers... quite pricey but amazing.

    This one caught my eye....

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