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    Come see me 12/8 at Jingle Bells on Bishop!!!

    Come see me tomorrow at Jingle Bells on Bishop!

    I've got lots of new stuff!.

    Follow me on Instagram @sugarderby to see updates and pictures!!!!

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    Holiday Calendar!!!

    Sugar Derby Mobile holiday calendar!!!
    Come see me tomorrow at Bishop Arts Market.... I've got lots of new stuff!!!!


    Traditional Pecan Pie

    So for Thanksgiving, I made a Traditional Pumpkin Pie... straight from the pure pumpkin can label.

    And it was delicious.

    Keeping with very traditional holiday desserts... I decided to make a pecan pie... which I had never made before.


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    Day of Thanks...... 

    Welp... today is Thanksgiving. The day we all stuff our faces in the name of being thankful.

    I wasn't in charge of much this year, as it was different than most I've grown up knowing.

    But... I did make a pumpkin pie.... my very first pumpkin pie... which is weird.. becuase it's my favorite.. and I love to bake...

    yea... weird....


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    No More Hostess? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    You guys.... I'm really sad! Hostess Bakery is closed. Like... not making cupcakes closed.

    This is a big deal.... I've told you all how much I love Hostess snack cakes... and how I will leave my home filled with edible items and drive to the gas station just to get a a sweet little Hostess cream filled cupcake...

    This is terrible news... and... 18,500 lost their jobs :((((.... talk about Eat Your Feelings!!!!!!! Hopes are that someone will purchase the company and continue to give us all our favorite treats... fingers crossed.

    Until then here is a little post paying homage to my America's favorite bakery....


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