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    The funnist pictures of Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012 

    So last weekend we took sweet old Sugar Derby Mobile down to Austin for the 7th Annual FunFunFunFest.....

    Which was nothing less than Fun FUn FUN!!!! The bands were great, the weather was amazing and the people.... were so much fun.

    I'm pretty attached to most of the stuff in my trailer... I mean, it's hand picked by me... and sometimes J... but mostly me.... and I love it all. 

    Sometimes it's really hard to see that stuff go.... this past weekend we sold so many things that had been with me from the beginning... I started to get a bit sad about it...

    Instead of blubbering like a baby and not letting people buy my favorite things... I just decided to become friends with those people and take their picture with the cool Sugar Derby Mobile find they were taking home.... this turned out to be one of my better ideas... I will definitely be taking pictures at all my other events.....


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    FFFFest pics coming soooon!

    As you can tell from my Instagram... We had a great time at FunFunFunFest last weekend!!!!
    We met some really great people and sold a ton of stuff.... Some of it had been with me since I started... And I will admit, it was hard to see those things go.
    I've got a lot of pictures coming soon... We tried to get pictures of the really cool things and who they went home with.... So if you bought something... Look for your picture!!!


    Burge Wedding Finale!!!!!

    Today is the day!!!!When I finally finish Austin and Taylor Burge's wedding post!!!

    Yay for everyone.... especially for me finally sitting down and doing it.

    So... we have talked food....


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    Sugar Derby Mobile at Fun Fun Fun Fest... this weekend!!!!


    we are super duper stoked to be taking Sugar Derby Mobile down to Austih this weekend for FunFunFunFest!!!

    this will be our first out of town trip... i sure hope Sugar doesn't get homesick!

    if you don't know what FFFFest is... it's a 3 day music and art festival in Austin, TX.

    the line up is super sick.....

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    Mini Carrot Cakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing

    Last but not least.... probably the easiest of all four miniature desserts for The Burge wedding...

    Miniature Carrot Cakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Icing...... yea, that happened!


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