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    Thin Mint & Cream Cheese Stuffed Chocolate Cake

    I mean..... y'all know I'm serious right?

    Like.... I really made this... in my kitchen.... it's a real thing!

    And it's amazing!!!!!

    thin mint. cream cheese. chocolate cake.


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    Samoas Sheet Cake

    It's Girl Scout cookie time! Which means my wheels really start to turn.... trying to think of recipes that incorporate and compliment America's Favorite cookies.

    According to statistics.... Thin Mint is the top seller... With Samoas coming in a close second!

    And you know what.... I love a close second. As a general rule... I like that person, place, thing quite a bit better than first place. Not as cocky yet tried really hard.

    So my first recipe for the 2012 cookie season is in honor of the Samoas.

    Here's to being second!!!! And to a delicious Samoas Sheet Cake.


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    It's Girl Scout Cookie time!!!!!

    And you know what that means!!!!! New recipes cookin in my little brain!

    And the 2nd Annual Girl Scout Cookie recipe tasting party.... and Troop Beverly Hills watching party!


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