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    Pics from Bishop Arts and DoubleWide Events!

    So back in November, at FunFunFunFest, I decided to start taking pictures of people when they bought great stuff....

    Now... I haven't gotten everyone... and ALL the great stuff... but I've tried!

    December was a busy month.... I had 2 events in Bishop Arts District and 2 events at Double Wide.

    here are the pics......


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    Sugar Derby Mobile Launch Party & Grand Opening!!!!!

    Come to my party!!!!! And give me a hug and look at my trailer and smile and say how adorable it is!!!!

    Please? Please come to my party!?!?!?!

    Here's the deal.... I bought this 1958 Traveleze travel trailer and completely gutted it and had it revamped into a cute little vintage shop on wheels!!!

    I'll tell you all about it... here....


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    Happy Friday 13th!!!! Good luck, good friends and good tattoos!

    This is not a joke. Friday 13th is good luck..... well at least to me it is....

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